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Looking for a flavorful wildflower honey to sweeten things up? This Texas raw honey has you covered!

Varietal (Type of Honey)

Wildflower honey, also referred to as polyfloral honey, gets its name because the bees producing it extract nectar from multiple (or sometimes unknown) plant sources, typically within a few miles of their hive.  

Unlike single nectar source honeys (aka monofloral honey), the taste of wildflower honey is much more likely to differ from region to region, or potentially, change throughout the year. Different geographic regions yield unique tasting honey since the local plant species that bees collect nectar from varies by region. Different types of plants produce nectars that yield unique flavor and nutritional profiles. For a similar reason, many people recommend trying local honey for allergies

Wildflower honey’s taste will also occasionally change throughout the year as the bees producing it shift from one source of nectar to another, or change the ratio of how often they visit a certain plant species. This can happen if bees deplete a nearby nectar source or if the weather impacts the local environment – driving bees to find a new source of food.

While the taste will be dynamic from location to location, wildflower honey has been described as a bit bolder than your typical monofloral honey, and will generally present a more complex flavor profile.

Always Unprocessed

At Neighborhood Hive, we pride ourselves on selling only raw & unfiltered honey, and this Texas wildflower honey is no different. Unlike the bulk of highly-processed honey you'll find in your local grocery store, this honey is never pasteurized and has only had wax and other large particles removed before bottling. Our beekeepers preserve naturally occurring nutrients (vitamins, minerals, pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants) by refusing to process their honey throughout the harvesting & bottling steps.

Unprocessed honey is much more likely than processed honey to crystallize while in your pantry. This is because particulates (pollen, etc) suspended in unprocessed honey act as a catalyst for the crystallization process. If your honey has a gritty or crunchy texture then this process has already started.

Despite the change in texture, crystallized honey is still totally fine to consume. In fact, some people prefer the texture of crystallized honey to its liquid cousin. If you’d like to restore your crystallized honey to a more liquid state, you can do so by submerging the honey container into some warm water.

Locally Sourced

At Neighborhood Hive, we partner directly with the beekeepers and apiaries that harvest the honey we sell. Accordingly, this Texas raw honey – harvested from hives around the northern Dallas, TX suburbs – will ship directly from the beekeeper in Blue Ridge, TX [ zip code 75424 ].

Orders typically ship within 2 business days of receipt. Thanks for doing your part to support our local beekeepers. 

*Raw honey should not be ingested by infants under the age of 1*


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