South Carolina Wildflower Honey

South Carolina Wildflower Honey

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Try our sweet and delicious South Carolina raw honey. All natural and 100% pure. Available in a variety of sizes and containers, ranging from a 4 oz muth jar to a bulk 5 gallon pail option. Orders will ship directly from our Greenville, SC beekeeper.

Varietal (Type of Honey)

Wildflower honey, or polyfloral honey, gets its name because the bees producing it extract nectar from many different (or sometimes unknown) plant sources, typically within a few miles of their hive. Unique to the area, this wildflower honey is harvested from bees who roam the fields and wooded areas of upstate South Carolina.

What about the taste? You can expect a full-bodied, rich, buttery flavor that reminds some of caramel. 

Always Unprocessed

At Neighborhood Hive, we sell only raw and unfiltered honey, and this South Carolina wildflower honey is no different. Unlike most of the highly-processed honey you'll find in your local grocery store, our products are never pasteurized and have only had wax and other large particles removed before bottling. This ensures all the good stuff found naturally in raw honey, including vitamins, minerals, pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants are in tact when our products arrive at your door.

Locally Sourced

By shopping with Neighborhood Hive, you’re supporting the sustainable beekeeping operation of local beekeepers and apiaries (honey farms) across the US. By partnering directly with the beekeepers and apiaries responsible for the honey in our store, we're able to connect customers to a wide variety of high quality, raw and unfiltered honey from diverse regions across the country.

Accordingly, this South Carolina raw honey will ship directly from the beekeeper in Greenville, SC [ zip code 29607 ] - typically within 2 business days of receipt. We hope you enjoy it! 

*Raw honey should not be ingested by infants under the age of 1*

**Email or click here for special orders or to place your order via phone**


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