California wildflower honey

Wildflower Honey | California

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Varietal (Type of Honey)

Wildflower honey, or polyfloral honey, gets its name because the bees producing it extract nectar from many different (or sometimes unknown) plant sources, typically within a few miles of their hive.  

Unlike single nectar source honeys (aka monofloral honey), the taste of wildflower honey is likely to differ from region to region, or potentially change throughout the year. Different geographic regions generally yield unique tasting honey since the local plant population that bees visit will typically vary from region to region. Different species of plants produce nectar that yield honey with both unique flavor and nutritional profiles. For a similar reason, many people recommend trying local honey for allergies

Wildflower honey will typically feature a flavor profile more complex, and often a bit bolder than most monofloral honey varietals. This California wildflower honey has a taste most commonly described as rich and buttery. You might also be able to taste some slight differences from jar to jar, as the bees collecting this varietal visit the seasonal blooms of plants and flowers across southern California throughout the year.

Always Unprocessed

At Neighborhood Hive, we sell only raw & unfiltered honey, and our California wildflower honey is no different. Unlike most of the highly-processed honey you'll find in your local grocery store, our products are never pasteurized and have only had wax and other large particles removed before bottling. Our beekeepers preserve naturally occurring nutrients (vitamins, minerals, pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants) by refusing to process their honey.

When purchasing unprocessed honey, it's important to understand that it's much more likely than processed honey to crystallize while in your pantry. Why? Because particulates (like pollen) suspended in unprocessed honey act as a catalyst for the crystallization process. If you notice that your honey has a gritty or crunchy texture, it's likely that the crystallization process has already started. No cause for alarm. Instead, this should be seen as confirmation that your honey is the real deal.

Despite the change in texture, crystallized honey is still completely fine to eat. Some people even prefer the texture of crystallized honey. However, if the coarse texture isn't for you, then you can easily restore your honey to a more liquid state by submerging your bottle of honey into some warm water.

Locally Sourced

By shopping with Neighborhood Hive, you’re supporting the sustainable beekeeping operation of local beekeepers and apiaries (honey farms). We partner directly with the beekeepers and apiaries responsible for the honey in our store. By doing so, we're able to connect customers to a wide variety of high quality, raw and unfiltered honey.

The apiary responsible for this California wildflower honey began their beekeeping journey in the foothills of northern Orange County, CA and has remained family owned and operated since. Now, with multiple hives across Southern California, and based in the Los Angeles suburb of Yorba Linda, your order will ship directly from this apiary, typically within 2 business days of receipt.

*Raw honey should not be ingested by infants under the age of 1*