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    Learn more about honey by browsing our original articles below. Our team focuses on researching and writing about the nutritional benefits, unique properties, and helpful applications of nature's sweet treat.
    honey bee
    • The Ultimate Guide to Honey
      • In this article we cut through the confusion surrounding all the honey jargon you've likely encountered (raw, pure, natural, etc). Additionally, learn how by visiting different types plants and flowers bees produce entirely different types of honey. Up your honey knowledge by reading this in-depth piece! 
    • Will Eating Local Raw Honey Help Your Allergies?
      • Has anyone ever told you that eating local honey will help alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms? Fact, fiction, or simply an old wives' tale? In this article, we take a look at whether there's enough scientific evidence to support this claim.
    • Raw Honey vs Sugar
      • If you're looking for a side by side nutritional comparison of raw honey and sugar - then this is your article. We examine the macro and micro nutrient composition of both, including specific call-outs on calories, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidant activity.
    • Does Raw Honey Expire?
      • How long does raw honey last? What is crystallized honey? We answer those questions in this article, and take a deep look at the science behind honey's longevity. 
      • The Benefits of Honey on Skin
        • It's hard to find an ingredient more popular in skincare and beauty products than honey...and it's no fad. Used to treat a variety of skincare issues for centuries, here we cover the history, science, and popular uses of honey for your skin.
      • The Hibernation Diet
        • Mike McInnes, a former pharmacist and author of The Hibernation Diet advocates that you can sleep better, wake up recharged, and lose weight by eating a couple tablespoons of honey before going to bed. Think those claims seem too good to be true? Click through to learn more about this diet.
      • How Effective is a Spoonful of Honey for Your Sore Throat?
        • Can honey actually serve as a better cough suppressant than your typical OTC cough syrup? If you've ever had honey recommended to you as a natural remedy for a cough, cold, or sore throat - this article details the science behind those claims.
      • Save Calories by Baking with Honey Instead of Sugar
        • 6,345 calories. That's how many calories you could save just by baking with honey instead of sugar. Check our math for yourself by clicking through to this infographic that details a year's worth of calorie savings - achieved by subbing honey for sugar in the baked goods you eat.


      More articles coming soon...