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    At Neighborhood Hive we are incredibly serious about the integrity of the products that we offer on our site. The idea for Neighborhood Hive was borne out of a concern for the lack of assurances provided by most retailers of honey.

    How do you know that the honey being sold at your grocery store is 100% honey and is actually from where it says it is from?

    How do you know that the honey doesn't contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals?

    When they say 100% Organic, what are you really buying, since the USDA does not recognize the term "Organic" for honey made in the USA?

    Did they kill off all of the beneficial nutrients by boiling the honey during production to make it easier to put in the jar?

    These are questions that every lover of honey should be asking themselves when they go to buy a jar of nature's liquid golden delicious superfood. For us, we wanted to make the answers as simple as possible for our customers so we have outlined our practices to ensure that the honey they receive from us is as perfect as nature intended it:

    • We work directly with beekeepers and know who they are, where their hives are and get an understanding for their harvesting practices before we ever agree to carry their honey. If we cannot get comfortable that they align with our values then we will not work with them. It is as simple as that.
    • As often as possible, we try to actually get out to meet our beekeeper partners and see their operations for ourselves. We think that getting to know them in person and seeing exactly what is going on allows us to communicate our unparalleled level of trust in our supply chain.
    • On a random sampling basis, we remove products from our warehouse and send them to an accredited independent lab for testing to ensure that the products listed are EXACTLY what the suppliers say they are. In the event that we find any of our "non-negotiables" present, not only will we IMMEDIATELY cease doing business with the supplier, but we will take all appropriate legal action on behalf of our clients. 

    This is the level of diligence that customers should expect when they put their trust in us and we go to great lengths to keep that trust everyday at Neighborhood Hive.