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    Did you know the average American consumes 77 lbs of added sugar, while only 1.3 lbs of honey each year? If you’re in need of a kitchen hack to learn how to lose weight with honey in place of sugar, we have the solution for you. 

    Since honey is sweeter than sugar, you can effectively maintain the same sweetness level by using less. In fact, by baking with honey instead of sugar you can save enough calories across the entire year to drop a couple of pounds. Follow along with our illustration below to see how the calorie savings adds up...


    infographic detailing how to lose weight and save calories with honey by baking with honey instead of sugar

    It’s that easy to save a couple of pounds worth of calories (6,345) each year. Sort of. The math above assumes you’ll replace 100% of the sugar you consume in baked goods with honey. While that might be a bit far fetched, it is possible to apply the same principle of substituting less honey for sugar in other ways, too.

    In addition to baked goods, other easy opportunities to sub honey for sugar are in your coffee/tea or most other occasions when you might top off your drink or dish with a bit of table sugar. 

    Try adding in some all-natural flavor by choosing a varietal honey, like our raw orange blossom honey, saw palmetto honey, or our raw sage honey. Each varietal offers a unique flavor and many food/drink pairings to explore. The name of each varietal refers to the most prevalent nectar source from which the honey was made. 

    How to Bake with Honey Instead of Sugar

    To ensure your dish comes out of the oven looking the same as it would if it were baked with sugar, try these adjustments to your preparation...

    1. In recipes in which you’ll use a ½ cup of honey or more, use less liquid. Try removing ¼ of liquid for each cup of honey and adjust to taste.
    2. Turn the oven temperature down. Adjusting the temperature by 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit should help your dish avoid over browning.
    3. For each cup of sugar you sub with honey, add in ¼ teaspoon of baking soda. Skip this step if the recipe already calls for baking soda.



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