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    Our Mission

    Neighborhood Hive was started to connect beekeepers across the US with customers looking for high quality honey. Thanks in part to controversies like honeygate, it’s tough to ensure the honey you’re buying is the real deal, unless you’re buying directly from a beekeeper.

    That’s where we come in.

    We work directly with beekeepers across the US to on-board their products to our store. This direct connection to the beekeeper allows us to ensure all the honey for sale in our store is 100% pure and unprocessed.

    beekeeper and her hive

    By partnering with beekeepers across the US, we offer customers access to a growing catalog of otherwise hard-to-find, raw honey from small and medium sized apiaries.

    Why Our Mission Is Important

    Bees play a key role in supporting our agricultural industry, pollinating nearly 1/3 of our food supply. However, US beekeepers’ have been under attack recently. The problematic colony collapse disorder has negatively impacted the honey supply by wiping out entire honeybee colonies, and as documented in the Netflix series Rotten’s premiere episode, Lawyers, Guns, & Honey, fake honey transshipped from China has driven down market prices.

    All the while, more Americans are discovering the benefits of raw honey and driving up the demand for it. The result? Beekeepers producing real honey are undercut on price by importers bringing in fake honey, and US consumers end up with fake honey or highly processed honey as the only option available on most grocery store shelves.

    By promoting real, unprocessed honey from US beekeepers, we hope to offer high quality products for our customers while also supporting local beekeepers, the US honeybee population, and the health of our food supply.


    Neighborhood Hive Inc.
    30 N. Gould Street, Suite R
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