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    Sourwood Honey

    Sourwood Honey
    Sourwood honey is produced from the Sourwood or sorrel tree, Oxydendrum arboreum,  there is only one species of sourwood.
    The Sourwood derives it's name from the sour tasting leaves on the tree. It is native to eastern North America, and is most common in the lower chain of the Appalachian Mountains.
    From June to early July, The Sourwood tree blooms with cream-white fragrant flowers on drooping stalks that look similar to lilies of the valley. Due to the drooping shape of the flowers, bees must harvest this luscious treat in the afternoon while they wait for the nectar to reach the bottom of the bloom. In the fall the flowers will then turn into urn shapped fruit. 
    Its honey, which starts as a medium to light color, darkens over time becoming a dark amber color. It has a smooth and syrupy texture that is slow to granulate.
    Sourwood Honey has a buttery caramel taste with an aftertaste that has a slight twang that has been likened to gingerbread. Sourwood Honey smells like cinnamon and cloves, and the flavor of this honey will take on  more characteristics of maple and caramel as it ages.

    Sourwood Honey is very versitile and goes well with just about anything you'd put honey on. If you love sweet and savory combinations, drizzle Sourwood Honey over a wedge of sharp cheddar cheese, or brush it on chicken wings.