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    Sage Honey

    Sage Honey
    Sage, (Salvia officinalis), also called common sage or garden sage, aromatic herb of the mint family (LamiaceaeSage honey can come from many different species of sage plants. The flowers are borne in spikes and feature tubular two-lipped corollas that are attractive to Bees, as well as other pollinators. The flowers can be purple, pink, white, or red and produce nutlet fruits. 

    When sage is not harvested for its leaves, bees can collect the nectar from the flowers, during their peak blooming season, early spring to late summer. 
    Sage Honey is especially unique in that it’s raw, and yet still pourable. Many chefs prefer this type of honey as it sweetens dishes without imparting too much honey flavor.   
    Sage Honey will eventually crystallize, but does take longer because it contains more fructose than most honeys. This might sound like it makes the honey sweeter, but the taste is wonderful and actually mild. As an added bonus the extra fructose gives the Sage Honey a lower glycemic index than most other honeys.