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    Knotweed Honey

    Knotweed Honey
    Knotweed is a common name for plants in several genera in the Polygonaceae family.  Most knotweeds considered invasive plants due to the fact that they can thrive on poor and compacted soil. But a huge upside of this plant is that it's a plentiful and nutritious food source for the bees right before they head into winter when little else is available. 
    The Knotweed is quite floriferous and blossoms typically open from July or so to October, depending on the species. The small, showy, bracted blooms are brightly colored. So it's not hard for the bees to find these last nuggets of goodness before their "Big Nap"!
    The most common honey produced from knotweed is Japaneese knotweed.  Japanese Knotweed is a member of the Buckwheat family and, like Buckwheat honey, is very dark.  However, the taste of Knotweed is totally different than Buckwheat. Its taste is mild and fruity or berry like, which many find delightful. 
    Knotweed honey is dark and flavorful, you can often find it sold as “bamboo honey,” especially on the east coast.