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    Gallberry Honey

    Gallberry is a common name for two similar shrubs in the Holly family. (Aquifoliaceae). This small evergreen holly bush (commonly also known as inkberry) is native to the coastal plain of eastern North America. It primarily grows along the South Atlantic and Gulf coast and produces the most honey in the piney woods and swamps of southern Georgia and northern Florida.
    In may the bushes blossom with white male and female flowers, each on separate plants (dioecious). A typical blooming season lasts only 24-28 days, which is a short season but the quantity of nectar is extremely high during this time. The blooms will then turn into little black berries. 
    Gallberry Honey is low in granulation therefore slow to crystallize. High in pollen and enzymes, Gallberry Honey is desirable for its rich, elegant taste and is prized for its honeycomb. 
    The honey is amber in color, and Its flavor is thick and aromatic, a perfect honey for the table and also for recommended for baking.