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New York Wildflower Honey

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Our bright and sweet wildflower honey from Upstate New York has a nectar composition that will shift with the seasons. Expect this New York raw honey to arrive in a light to moderately crystallized state, giving it an easily spreadable texture. Available in a variety of sizes and containers, ranging from a 8 oz. glass jar to a bulk 12 lbs. option. 

Varietal (Type of Honey)

Wildflower honey, or polyfloral honey, gets its name because the bees producing it extract nectar from many different (or sometimes unknown) plant sources, typically within a few miles of their hive.

As seasons change and new plants come in bloom, bees will visit new sources of nectar to produce their honey. This results in honey unique to the local area, with a color and flavor that will shift a bit throughout the year. 

Accordingly, you can expect late summer and fall harvests of this New York wildflower honey to be derived from the nectar of goldenrod & asters, but also commonly feature loosestrife, knotweed, knapweed, and thyme. 

Harvests from earlier in the summer will feature more woods flowers as an additional nectar raspberry, blackberry, honeysuckle. Occasionally, the bees will produce a lighter colored honey due to a heavy locust tree bloom.

Always Unprocessed

At Neighborhood Hive, we sell only raw and unfiltered honey, and our New York wildflower honey is no different. Unlike most of the highly-processed honey you'll find in your local grocery store, our products are never pasteurized and have only had wax and other large particles removed before bottling. This ensures all the nutrients found naturally in raw honey, including vitamins, minerals, pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants are in tact when our products arrive at your door.

Not to mention, the taste will blow away your basic grocery store honey.

Locally Sourced

By shopping with Neighborhood Hive, you’re supporting the beekeeping operation of local beekeepers and apiaries (honey farms) across the US. Our partnership model enables us to connect customers to a wide variety of high quality, raw, and unfiltered honey from different regions across the US.

The beekeeper responsible for this New York raw honey manages hives in Upstate New York, specifically zip code 12056 near the Duanesburg/Schenectady/Albany NY area.

Orders are typically shipped within 2 business days from receipt. We hope you enjoy your honey! 

*Raw honey should not be ingested by infants under the age of 1*

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