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Harvested along the Florida coastline and possessing a sweet & salty flavor that reminds many of butterscotch, our award winning black mangrove honey is a perfect natural sweetener. 100% raw and unfiltered. 

Varietal (Type of Honey)

Black mangrove honey is a monofloral honey, which means the bees producing it primarily visit only one type of plant, in this case - black mangroves. How is this possible? Well, the beekeeper responsible for harvesting this honey has secured access to place hives across one of the world’s largest concentrations (over 10,000 acres) of black mangroves along the eastern Florida coastline.

What does this mean for the taste? Black mangrove honey typically offers a sweet but salty taste that reminds many of butterscotch. Black mangrove plants are native to coastal areas and are therefore exposed to ample amounts of both salt water and salt air - which might explain the taste.

Always Unprocessed

At Neighborhood Hive, we sell only raw and unfiltered honey, and our black mangrove honey is no different. Unlike most of the highly-processed honey you'll find in your local grocery store, our products are never pasteurized and have only had wax and other large particles removed before bottling. By refusing to process their honey, our beekeeper partners preserve all the good stuff found naturally in raw honey - vitamins, minerals, pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants.

Due to particulates (like pollen) suspended in raw honey, it’s more likely than processed honey to crystallize. This shouldn’t be cause for alarm though, since crystallized honey is perfectly fine to eat. Instead, you should see this as confirmation that your honey is the real deal.

If you'd like, you can easily restore the consistency of crystallized honey by submerging the bottle into some warm water for 15-30 minutes or until it appears less viscous and more liquid.

This particular honey is also 100% organic, as none of the plants these bees visit are ever treated with any pesticides or chemicals.

Locally Sourced

By shopping with Neighborhood Hive, you’re supporting the sustainable beekeeping operation of local beekeepers and apiaries (honey farms) across the US. By partnering directly with the beekeepers and apiaries responsible for the honey in our store, we're able to connect customers to a wide variety of high quality, raw and unfiltered honey from these diverse regions.

Our black mangrove honey is produced by bees who spend their time in the swampland of Mosquito Lagoon. This apiary is located in New Smyrna Beach, FL [ zip code 32168 ] - between the central Florida cities of Orlando and Daytona Beach.

Orders ship directly from the beekeeper, typically within 2 business days of receipt.

*Raw honey should not be ingested by infants under the age of 1*