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    Blackberry Honey

    Blackberry Honey
    The blackberry is an edible fruit produced by many species in the genus Rubus in the family RosaceaeThe bush is a perennial shrub which gives us the nutritious and delicious blackberry fruit. 

    Blackberry Honey is made from all rubus species, and sellers don't differentiate them. Sometimes it's find it as bramble honey.

    In the late spring and early summer delicate, small, pale, white to lavender-pink flowers cover blackberry canes and emit a pleasant fragrance. Weeks before the berries become ripe honey bees gather nectar from the blossoms.

    Wild blackberry honey is a favorite among honey lovers. Blackberry flowers produce a honey that is a very dark amber in color and a bolder fruit flavor. Blackberry Honey starts with a pleasing sweetness and then finishes with a subtle blackberry flavor.