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    Black Mangrove Honey

    Black Mangrove Honey
    Black Mangrove Honey is produced from bees that pollinate Avicennia germinans, commonly known as Mangrove, a shrub in the acanthus family. Black Mangrove is a communal species that plays a key role in the mangrove ecosystem that protects low-lying coastal lands. Black Mangrove thrive in warm coastal areas. They are rooted in saltwater areas with a salinity that would kill most regular plants. The bark of the tree is scaly and the upper surface of the leaves is often covered with salt excreted by the plant. 

     Blooming  in June and July, Black Mangrove are one of the few saltwater plants that bees forage nectar from, the honey produced is of very high quality.

    There is serious concern about the dwindling availability of this rare honey due to hurricanes and urbanization.