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    Avocado Honey

    Avocado Honey
    The subtropical fruit, Avocado is produced from Trees of the same name. The avocado (Persea americana), has origin in South Central Mexico. 
    The fruit  is a large berry containing a single large seed. The blossoms on the avocado tree remain fairly hidden because of their greenish-yellow color and relatively small size of two to four tenths of an inch wide.

    Flowering generally occurs from January to March. During blooming season, single blooms remain open for only two days. Since an avocado is partially self-pollinating, these blooms open up the first day in the female phase, the flower closes and reopens the second day with male attributes. Each tree will have thousands of flowers and will still require bee pollination to produce honey. 

     Avocados produce a honey that is dark amber in color with a smooth, velvety texture and rich flavor that is not overly sweet, featuring notes of caramelized molasses. Avocado is a "must try" honey!