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Raw, Unfiltered, & Direct from US Beekeepers

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Our Mission

Real honey. Not the stuff on your local grocery store shelf. 

We partner directly with beekeepers across the US to sell only unprocessed honey.

Whether you're looking for a jar of local honey for allergy relief, a unique varietal, or simply some raw wildflower honey - we've got you covered.

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Raw & Unfiltered

Most commercially distributed honey is, as a result of processing, completely devoid of all nutrients.

Raw honey that hasn't been micro-filtered will retain key nutrients - vitamins, minerals, enzymes, & antioxidants - that yield benefits outside of just sweetening the items in your pantry.


By partnering directly with beekeepers across the US, we're able to offer several regional varieties of local honey in our store.

If you're looking for honey from a specific region, check out our current partnership coverage on the map below.

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map of US beekeeper partnerships
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